My gender series can be found here.

This series was I something I created for one of my finals in school. What I tried to do with school assignments was wok on projects or ideas Continue reading “Gender”

Guess Who?

Guess Who?

This is a series currently on my website here.
It came out of an assignment I had to do for one of my classes. I don’t remember what the original assignment was aside from the fact that we had to create Continue reading “Guess Who?”

My First Show

My First Show


So last year a friend of mine put up a post saying that she needed other artists to join in with her for a show. Of course I quickly messaged her and said I would love to be apart of it.After getting approved to be apart of the show my friend, myself and another mutual friend of ours had to come up with a theme for a our collective work. And that theme was The Seasons of Life, Death, and Rebirth which is also what we titled the whole as well as what I used as the title for me series on my website here

Once the theme was decided we all went our separate ways to do our own interpretations of it. I already had this idea swimming around in my brain Continue reading “My First Show”



mood colour fabric board 3

This particular project I started a few years ago for a class called Concept and Design. It was my final project for this class and spawned from my fascination with the way in which people displayed different facial expressions.

Whether that was to show different emotions or ways in which they would interact with a certain type of person, Continue reading “Woven”

So Sorry….

I’m sorry I haven’t been on here in a very, very, VERY long time.

It’s been a busy year hahaha, but for some reason I decided at this very moment to start blogging again even though I’m going into my final year of college which will probably be my busiest year yet (super crazy, time went by so fast!).

So I’ll start this off by doing some quick updates:

  1. I’ve been in 4 shows so far this year which is awesome and I was actually just in a pretty popular one called Pancakes and Booze last night.
  2. As I said before I’m going into to my final year of school so i’m going to be really busy but I do plan on writing about my work and uploading stuff and much much much more to come.
  3. Honestly don’t know what a third thing might be… Those are the two main things I think haha.

And so later today or tomorrow I plan on uploading a post about a series that’s up on my website currently and I’ll be going into more depth about them on here. I plan on doing separate posts for each series so that I’ll have something to write about and then over time I’ll have other topics to discuss on here (hopefully).

So stayed tuned for that and um you’ll hear from me later :)