The Media

This was an assignment from my Contemporary Fine Art Practices class a few semesters ago were we had to create a small body of work that’s theme was, as my title says, the media.

I think it might have been a week or two assignment and while creating the work our teacher was prepping us by showing us different videos on either artists that explored the celebrity and voyeurism. But one thing kept popping up in my head and it was something that she said that I can’t quite quote since this happened some time ago but it had to do with how people like to consume information but not just any kind of information but info about people they don’t actually know in person and just random nonsensical things.

So the idea of consumption combined with me replaying this video over and over again:

gave me the idea for my mini series.

I had also at that point in time become really interested in found imagery and the re-purposing of it and so I kind of wanted to do something with found imagery and so I came up with these.

Like I previously said with over series I’m more than likely going to revisit this one as well in the future.


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