Month: November 2015

Why I’m a Photographer and trying to make it as a Professional

Why photography?

This is a question I am asked a lot by people who aren’t artists nor are in the art world.

I especially got this question when I was first coming here to SF to start my degree.

Why art? You know you can’t make that much money with a art degree right?

I really hated these questions and I hated answering them ( I don’t like repeating myself its annoying).

Well why photography? I Continue reading “Why I’m a Photographer and trying to make it as a Professional”


The Media

This was an assignment from my Contemporary Fine Art Practices class a few semesters ago were we had to create a small body of work that’s theme was, as my title says, the media.

I think it might have been a week or two assignment and while creating the work our teacher was prepping us by showing us different videos on either artists that explored the celebrity and voyeurism. But one thing kept popping up Continue reading “The Media”

Motivation Proclamation

A bit of a little update I guess haha.

Well I’ve been pretty busy (working part time and going to school full time always sucks), and I just haven’t been motivated to either work on blogs for this site/ work on personal projects.

But I am trying to change all that and get back into doing this blog. I’ve tried to be consistent and upload posts on Tuesdays and Thursday( so far that’s happened yay!) and I plan on keeping that as a schedule.

Also finals are coming up so I’ll try not to neglect this blog haha.