That one time I made a chair….

That one time I made a chair….

What was probably the beginning of my miniature obsession(well at least the need to build my own miniatures haha) was the when I made a chair for one of my past (again with the past) assignments.

This time the subject matter was chair and shoes and so I wanted to do something that wasn’t cliche or anything and really different since what else could you really do with a chair (I mean there’s probably tons but I just couldn’t think of anything at that time to do aside from trying to my hands on a really old style chair and lighting it in a moody way.) So I decided to create my own chair instead which was pretty fun to do.

Now you might not believe me when I say this but that chair is maybe 4 inches tall max haha since I remember when I brought in this picture people thought I had taken a picture of some kind of reclining chair but were pretty shocked when I told them that I not only built it but it wasn’t even that big.


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