Eyes and Trees

Eyes and Trees

I guess I’ll call that the working title for this series haha. As this is not on my website all of the images can be viewed here on my blog post.

So again like my silhouette series Guess Who? this is something I did for an assignment that was an personal exploration of an idea that had thought up during the time I was on break from school.

On one of those nights were I couldn’t go to sleep because my thoughts were keeping me and as I stared at the ceiling closing each eye one at a time I started to realize that even it was the same wall that I was seeing in each eye I could see it slightly differently with one eye closed and how when I opened both of my eyes and looked there wasn’t any indication of there being a difference in my eyes.


And so I wanted to play with this idea of seeing two different things and instead of it being the same thing at once it would be the two different things combined together to form one image.

And then the reason I choose was pretty much because well I like trees and those how I thought during that time. But the reason I like trees when thinking deeply about them is because of their texture and how old they are/can live to be. And well I just enjoy nature in general.

Of course I will revisit this idea of two states combined as one but for now here are my Trees and Eyes haha.


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