My gender series can be found here.

This series was I something I created for one of my finals in school. What I tried to do with school assignments was wok on projects or ideas that I would like to actually do and incorporate them in which ever way I needed to in order for it to fit the assignment. Pretty much I used homework (really midterms and finals) to work on personal projects. Normal assignments I used as a way to learn whatever skill and gauge what could be done with it.

So with this project the idea of gender was playing around in my head. What is gender (not in the biological sense since that’s only really put into question when babies are being made). I think gender especially gender normalities are finally being put into question and thrown aside. There’s definitely more to gender than whats between your legs but it still sucks that people are misgendered and expected to be something else or act a certain way when viewed as something different from what they are.

So this series is me exploring gender and what people identify as. And of course like my Guess Who? series I want to do plenty more haha.


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