Guess Who?

Guess Who?

This is a series currently on my website here.
It came out of an assignment I had to do for one of my classes. I don’t remember what the original assignment was aside from the fact that we had to create something and then make the opposite of that something and so I choose to make silhouettes.
While creating the images and having people look at them while in progress it was interesting to see people try to figure out who each person was. Of course they didn’t get any right guesses and only I really know who each person in the series (so far anyway) is. But when told who was supposed to be there it was easier for people (that knew the person of course) to figure out where they were.
So I found it quite interesting when people would try to guess who the people were and they would name someone that they knew that looked familiar to them amongst the imagery might not have necessarily been apart of the series. Only when told who was among the photos were people to guess correctly who people were.

And this is essentially where I got the title for this series since it seemed almost like a guessing game for people to try and figure out if they knew someone in my series.

I’ve only made 20 so far but I want to make hundreds more lol and I think at that point it’ll be hard even for me to figure out who is who haha.


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