My First Show

My First Show


So last year a friend of mine put up a post saying that she needed other artists to join in with her for a show. Of course I quickly messaged her and said I would love to be apart of it.After getting approved to be apart of the show my friend, myself and another mutual friend of ours had to come up with a theme for a our collective work. And that theme was The Seasons of Life, Death, and Rebirth which is also what we titled the whole as well as what I used as the title for me series on my website here

Once the theme was decided we all went our separate ways to do our own interpretations of it. I already had this idea swimming around in my brain about life, death and rebirth and I really wanted to create it. But I needed to expand on it as I could only really think of the death and afterlife part of the series. I tried to create some kind of story or progression.

Time and time again I’ve come to realize how no one really comes up with the same idea as you and that people interpret things differently especially when given the same theme.

So for me the Seasons of Life, Death and Rebirth meant that you would be following through someone’s life as they were born and then went through main stages of life (youth, teen years, and adulthood), then ultimately die and then be reborn again as either themselves or something new ( playing with the idea of reincarnation).

My friend who originally invited me worked with the idea of her mom who passed away before she knew her and how she resembles her now and always hears people who knew her mother say how much she looks like her now. So for her I think this theme was a way for her to become more acquitted with her mom. And then the other artist played with different ideas with mythology and biblical texts.

And so the show was a pretty big hit (although I only sold one piece but that’s okay haha). And it was really nice hearing how people liked my work and all of their comments of it as well.

On another day they had artists and poets respond to the work and I unfortunately missed that but when I came on another day I got the chance to get a copy of the poem that was written in response to my pieces which is so awesome and I’ll post it up once I figure out where I put.


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