mood colour fabric board 3

This particular project I started a few years ago for a class called Concept and Design. It was my final project for this class and spawned from my fascination with the way in which people displayed different facial expressions.

Whether that was to show different emotions or ways in which they would interact with a certain type of person, I was (and still am) intrigued by the way in much people could construct their faces.

The question that really got me going (and what I used as an excuse to create this project for this class, since this was something I have thought about for the longest time) is: what would it look like if someone’s different facial expressions were on their face at all times?

mood colour fabric board 5

And so I created these images by taking multiple images of the person and then printing out those images, cutting the prints up, and taking the best parts of each image to create the finished piece.

I think it came out pretty good but I feel like I need to expand more on this concept so stay tuned for that (as in it it will take me more than a little while to figure out how to fully show what exactly it is I’m trying to convey.