Bring Me The Horizon – Drown

Honestly I love this band but for a time I wasn’t really paying attention to them. As the semester slowly winded down and as it got closer to those final weeks, figuring out what I wanted to do for my final for one of my classes was getting harder and harder. Not until I heard this song.


The song that started it all (and my first post technically). Here’s the video:

Sure the band’s sound has changed over the years and I love their previous albums but I’ve taken their change as more of, “this is just a different version of BMTH”, rather than,”god they suck now”. I love how they sound now for different reasons (as I am one to like different genres of music) but I did like what they used to sound like and I’ll miss that sound if they decide not to create music like that anymore.

Anyway before I go on too much of a tangent back to why I decided to create imagery based on some of the lyrics of this song.

When I first listened to the song, I was instantly emotionally contented to it and with some of the lyrics I was getting imagery unlike the music video and finally I was able to say,”ha I know what my finals gonna be about”.

Aside from getting different visual imagery as I listened to the song and watched the video, the main reason I wanted to use this song to as my final was because of the emotional connection I had with the lyrics.

I have been going in and out of depression for a while now and although I am not clinically diagnosed there are still the instances in my life were I feel genuinely down and out about life and my current situation a so when I listened to this song for the first time and Oliver sung the chorus,” Who will fix me now? Dive in when I’m down. Save me from myself. Don’t let me drown.” I instantly connected to it because during those times when I’m depressed and don’t want to do anything [cause what’s the point we’re all going to die anyway? Or why are so many people suffering in the world? Why is there so much hate and injustice in the world and how come I am unable to do anything about it?] at some point I would just wish that someone would be able to come into my life and fix everything and make it better.

But then I realized while listening to this song (for maybe the 5th or 6th time) that that person doesn’t exist. There’s not going to be some savior that’ll swoop down and fix all my worries and wipe away all my problems. I have to do that for myself. I have to stay positive and get my work out there and try to open up people’s eyes to the issues around us.

And so there are differently more images I want to add to this series but I for the most part was able to complete 5 of them for my final. I’ll differently come back to creating these images based off this song and perhaps even others in the future.

To see the full series, click here.



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