Going through some changes…

Hello all! I know its been forever since I’ve actually written a blog post and you might be looking right now and realize how empty of a space this page has become.

Well that’s for two reasons:

1. I have currently moved all old content to another blog (not currently used) that I run called imspazzingout.wordpress.com ( I’ll eventually turn it into just a .com) You can follow that one if you want I will try to actually write random things on there.


2. I am turning this blog into a place to write about my work (if you haven’t seen any of it yet check it out at elsimagery.com). This blog will, for me, will become a space to explore and also try to explain/talk about the ideas behind some of the pieces I have created and have uploaded on my website.

Sorry to disappointment anyone who may I followed me in the past but this will be a blog for my work and it will also be a way for me to self reflect.


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